Unified Health Plan: Pioneering Smarter, Innovative Healthcare Strategies

Reimagining Healthcare for Businesses and Employees

At Unified Health Plan, we understand that navigating the complexities of healthcare can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to serve as your mentor, guiding you through every step to ensure your business and employees receive the best possible care at an affordable price. Our expertise in the market allows us to address your concerns and provide solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Why Choose Unified Health Plan?

By working with Unified Health Plan, you’ll get comprehensive services covering essential health needs, extra perks, and individualized assistance from our group benefits experts. Our level-funded group health plans bring you excellent savings in year one and then year after year!

We help you find the best plan and work with thousands of medical professionals and facilities across the country. You’ll also have access to coverage benefits in other states when applicable.

Member Benefits

Plan participants get unique, consumer-driven benefit designs from our health plans, such as:

Full diabetic testing supply coverage

Complete labs coverage

Disease management assistance

Essential Health Benefits

Health plans from Unified Health Plan include the following benefits free of charge:

Top medical care for preventing and treating minor and critical illness

Mental health assistance for depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and more

Telehealth services are available 24/7 with no copay

Reduced expense responsibilities, including zero-dollar copays and other cost savings for primary care appointments

Pharmacy programs for lower-cost prescription drugs, including generic and brand-name medications

Care Navigation

Our Care Navigators will give you the tools to maintain excellent health and help you and your employees get the benefits they need. Our Care Navigators can help you:

Locate the most effective health care services

Explain your plan’s benefits

Schedule medical appointments

Our Health Care Plans

Our level-funded group health plans are available for employers, small businesses, large businesses, and brokers. An insurance specialist can assist you in choosing the right group health plan from Unified Health Plan, regardless of your medical history. Any health disability or other factors have no bearing on premiums.

With plans offering everything between hospital indemnity and minimum essential coverage, it’s possible to find multiple group health plans that meet your business’s needs. We can assist you.

Employer Health Plans

Many employer health care plans are available to individual employers and their families. Enroll in these employer-sponsored health care plans to:

Select the exact amount of coverage you and your family receive.

Stay within a specific budget with affordable premiums and benefits.

Save money on emergency services and other health benefit offerings.

Small Business Health Plans

Businesses with less than 100 employees benefit from small business group health plans.

Businesses with less than 100 employees can see premium savings and still have great benefits with Unified’s group health plans.

These health care plans can give you an additional tax credit.

Large Business Health Plans

These plans are ideal for companies with over 100 employees and offer the same features as health benefits coverage for small businesses.

Choose a large business health plan that meets the needs of every employee with the extensive coverage options and deductible levels that Unified offers in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

Minimum essential coverage includes extra benefits for qualified members.

Health Plan Solutions for Brokers & Consultants

Health insurance brokers and benefits consultants can receive excellent plan solutions from Unified Health Plan.

In addition to recommending our company’s health benefit solutions to their own clients, these professionals can also take advantage of health care plans from Unified Health Plan for their individual or entire business’s coverage purposes.

Health Coverage You Can Count On!

Unified Health Plan details the most comprehensive plans so you can make the best decision. We work with the industry’s top carrier partners and offer helpful perks and tools that make it easy to find the best coverage fast. Whether you need long-term or short-term coverage, let our team help.