Employer Health Plan Solutions

Businesses needing employer health plans have many options when working with Unified Health Plan. Whether you need a health plan for employers or employees, our many health plan solutions help businesses and individuals cut costs on expensive services. We help you choose an individual plan or one that fits the whole family.

Unified Health Plan is your leader in finding employer-sponsored plans. Our company understands concerns like rising health care costs and denial due to pre-existing conditions. Work with a sales team to select the best plan variety for your employees and help them save on health care costs.

Employer Health Plans

Employer healthcare plans help large and small businesses and their workers stay healthy. Our group health plans for employees and their families make it easy to get vital healthcare services and extra perks.

Those with employers sponsoring healthcare insurance can pay monthly premiums with pre-tax income. This method can help you save money and make the most of your monthly income.

Our company communicates with employers to facilitate stress-free payments. Money from each enrollee’s paycheck goes directly to pay for premiums, so you don’t have to handle it yourself.

Small to Medium Businesses

For companies with 2 to 50 employees

Large Businesses

For companies with 50+ employees

Employer Group Health Plan Offerings

Employers looking to offer medical coverage to company workers should choose an employer health plan like that from Unified Health Plan.

Employer plans include excellent benefits and extra services, including:

Comprehensive preventative care benefits

Greater costs savings with longer membership durations

Value-based care leading to no-cost co-pays

Extra perks such as reduced-cost gym memberships, mental fitness support, and pharmacy programs for generic and name-brand prescription co-pays

Why Choose Unified Health Plan?

Employers and employees can utilize services and benefits from Unified Health Plan for themselves and their families. When you work with Unified Health Plan, you and your employees can expect these key features.

Extensive Member Health Benefits

Every plan we offer has comprehensive benefits that employees, employers, and family members love. We provide member benefits that cover essential and extra needs. Physical and mental health benefits, medications, telemedicine, and primary care visits are automatic inclusions for every employee.

Concierge Assistance

Unified Health Plan Care Navigators understand the complexity of employer-sponsored health benefits. Whether you have questions about paying premiums or what services are in your area, our knowledgeable team is happy to help.

We assist members in finding low-cost providers and scheduling appointments. No matter your location, we’ll help you locate the most helpful resources. We’ll also help you understand your plan inclusions.

Extra Services

Some employer plans have additional services and benefits that apply to specific benefit designs. Unified Health Plan offers several group health plans for small and large businesses with extra perks.

Members who qualify get full coverage for labs and diabetic testing equipment. They’ll also get gym membership discounts and access to programs to help encourage healthier living and manage chronic conditions and diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of health coverage is provided by an employer?

An employer may provide different types of group health coverage, including self-funded health coverage for small businesses or large business health plans. Unified Health Plan offers self-funded and level-funded solutions available for 2 employees and up.

What does it mean when an employer offers health benefits coverage?

When an employer offers employer-sponsored health coverage, you and your family members can get healthcare benefits at reduced rates and pay premiums directly out of your monthly income. Workers taking advantage of their group-sponsored plan can benefit significantly from essential care inclusions without paying high out-of-pocket expenses.

What are the advantages of employer-sponsored health coverage?

Advantages of employer-provided health benefits include:

Tax credit benefits: Insurance decreases taxable income for federal taxes. Instead, the federal government may pay premiums.

Access to preferred doctors: Employer health plans have network flexibility for individuals and their families.

Lower costs: Save more as employers and take advantage of the lower costs.