Large Business Health Plans

Unified Health Plan offers strategic, level-funded health plans for larger businesses. Large employers with 50 or more employees can take advantage of our medical health plans and help employees meet their medical needs at lower costs.

Our company understands large businesses’ needs for versatile medical care provision. No matter your company’s size, we offer the same excellent benefits and healthcare coverage options.

A licensed agent is ready to help you select the best plans for your employees. Provide us with complete details regarding your needs, and we’ll explain your options.

Understanding Large Group Plans

When searching for large business health plans, new enrollees have many options. A large business group health coverage plan allows employers to choose from one or several policies. We’ll help you distinguish between available plans and determine which to offer employees.

Employees can get health coverage with lower premiums thanks to employer contributions. Employers can cover a percentage of or all of the employee premiums.

We offer:

Flexible health plans that allow you to stay within an extensive healthcare network

 Affordable premiums and tax credit benefits

 Coverage for high-quality medical care

Employer-funded policies

Why Choose Unified Health Plan?

Unified Health Plan’s group health coverage for large businesses offers many compelling features. Employers and employees reap many benefits, including comprehensive health coverage inclusions, decreased costs, and different reimbursement and service models. Our large business health plans include the following.

Detailed Member Benefits

We work with thousands of doctors and pharmacies in Kansas and other states. Beneficiaries get access to an extensive network of Kansas’s best medical professionals and facilities. You can also reap these benefits around the country.

Every Unified Health Plan policy includes physical and mental health wellness services, critical illness management and prevention, and telemedicine.

Unified Health Plan helps employees reach better health with high-value pharmacy benefits and generic and name-brand prescription drug discount programs. They receive many free services and reduced telemedicine and primary care copays with a value-based design. They’ll save more on out-of-pocket requirements.

Varied Service Approaches

Unbundled and bundled service approaches give employers the flexibility they need to save. These different funding models delegate services to one or multiple group health companies.

Unified Health Plan handles all administrative services and health coverage provisions with a bundled service approach. Unbundled models separate services, and multiple coverage companies and service providers facilitate each portion of your employees’ large business health plans in Kansas. Let us be your one-stop group health benefits solution.

Extra Services

At Unified Health Plan, we believe in going the extra mile for employees. Eligible plan members receive additional services that help them save money and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Employees can restore their physical fitness with low-cost gym memberships, take advantage of free chronic disease management assistance, and more. You’ll also get coverage for diabetic supplies and labs.

Health Care Concierge Assistance

Our team of Care Navigators understands the challenges in comprehending your plan’s design and taking control of your health without financial worries. Contact us with any questions or concerns for accurate information and friendly assistance. Our experts provide employees and employers with tools to:

• Find affordable healthcare providers within the network

• Explain your specific health plan’s benefits

• Schedule appointments with providers

• Organize hospital release and further needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a large employer?

A large employer is a company with 50 or more employees. Employees must work full-time for a company to be a large employer.

Some large employers may be eligible for a tax credit if they have over 500 employees. Each employee can get quality care and health coverage.

How much do employers pay for health coverage?

Employers pay for around 80% of employee health benefits. Those that contribute at least 50% of their employees’ premium can get a tax credit upon meeting eligibility requirements. Some large businesses pay more or less depending on whether you offer an individual contribution plan or a group health coverage policy.

What is causing some employers to stop offering health coverage as an option to their employees?

High premium costs are the primary reason why some employers stop offering large business health plans in Kansas. Companies with many employees cannot afford to meet rising premium costs and additional expenses. Additionally, high employee turnover rates in large businesses are another reason they may stop offering employees health coverage.