Health Plan Resources for Providers

Our Unified Health Plan team knows healthcare providers tackle significant responsibilities in providing patient care. Providing optimal support and the best benefits requires a lot of energy and time.

We have resources and important information to make providing positive health outcomes easier in conjunction with our parent company ProviDRs Care.

Making Health Care Easier

All your staff can find the documents and forms you need using our easily accessible platform. Streamline the process so you can save time and focus on caring for your patients.

Join Our Health Care Professionals Network Today

Medical providers can access our network and services in just a few steps. We make the contracting application and credentialing process straightforward, and it only takes a few minutes.

Carefully Constructed Solutions and Programs

We know that providers require different demands and support, which is why we offer tailor-fit programs and solutions to fit your specific needs. The wide range of services we provide to your members is available in the same place and under the same phone number.

Stay Up-to-date with Our Many Online Provider Resources

At Unified Health Plan, we want to give you the necessary education and resources so that you can stay up-to-date on policy changes, how to file or revise claims, plan updates, state and federal clinical practice guidelines, and more.

Joining our network means you gain access to resources like:

Tools Like Manuals, Newsletters, and Webinars

Stay current on any changes or updates in our programs and administration practices with our newsletter. You can also stay current with plans, prescriptions, or procedures specific to your state and coverage area.

Explore these healthcare resources today.

Claims, Disputes, and Appeals

Understand state-specific regulations and how they affect providers and your members.

Explore state-specific regulations.

State-specific Regulations

Know vital information regarding policies like the Affordable Care Act.

Discover federal-specific regulations

Federal-specific Regulations

Know vital information regarding policies like the Affordable Care Act.

Discover federal-specific regulations

Our Self-Guided Service Portal

Both a provider and member will benefit from using our self-guided service portal. For example, a member can easily track their benefits, while providers can track information like submitted claims.

About Unified Health Plan

At Unified Health Plan, we aim to give providers the necessary support and programs to provide the best patient care.

Join our network and gain access to all our resources and support services. In Kansas alone, we work with over 20,000 doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies, helping them improve their patient care.

With our support, your patients can access comprehensive medical care, including pharmacy benefits, telemedicine appointments with zero-dollar copays, and behavioral health support.

Improve your patient care by working with Unified Health Plan today. Call us at (800) 259-8330!