Support for Health Plan Members

At Unified Health Plan, we aim to provide every member with the necessary covered benefits for their healthcare. Our straightforward member experience means you receive the same quality healthcare regardless of your medical needs.

We’ll work directly with you and your provider to help navigate the challenges of healthcare. We offer customized solutions based on factors like understanding your benefits, finding high-quality providers, and where to go for your care.

A Robust Provider Network

We’re proud to have a robust provider network. Our Kansas provider network comprises over 20,000 pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Across the country, this number surpasses 1,000,000.

By partnering with numerous healthcare providers, our members receive exemplary service and the best health plan for their needs. From receiving medical care, filing a claim, exploring options, and more, our team makes it easier to manage your health.

Our Program Member Benefits

All our members gain access to multiple services and benefits when they sign up with our company:

Comprehensive Medical Care

Our members receive comprehensive medical care for life. Whether it’s regular doctor appointments and preventative care to keep you strong and healthy or treatment programs targeting specific health concerns, you can receive extensive care when needed.

Medicine Coverage

Our services also include excellent pharmacy benefits. Using our tiered copay system, you can cut costs considerably and receive preferred, generic, or name-brand prescriptions.

Our Value-based Benefit Designed Program

We believe every member should have access to cost-effective coverage. Therefore, our health services include a zero-dollar copay for Centers of Value and primary care when you use a provider within our network.

Behavioral Health Coverage

We want to give you all the tools and resources needed to improve your health, physically and mentally. When you register your member account, you can search for behavioral health resources that target issues like substance abuse, depression, anxiety, stress, and more.

Telemedicine Support Sessions

As a member, you also gain access to 24/7 telemedicine sessions. You can schedule a remote visit with your doctor for a zero-dollar copay.

Additional Benefits

Members may also qualify for an additional service, such as:

• 100% covered diabetic testing tools

• 100% coverage on lab testing

• Proven disease management strategies for improving your health

Benefit from Our Care Navigator Program

The healthcare system can be very complex, especially with specific medical needs. Some challenges include knowing who to contact, how to file a claim, what providers to use, and how to avoid surprise medical bills. By registering an account with us, you can easily:

Find the right providers and services

Find additional community support or resources

Understand every benefit you qualify for

Schedule appointments with your doctor or hospital

Coordinating care after a hospital discharge

Contact Our Team Today to Learn More

We strive to provide every member with comprehensive and easily accessible medical coverage. Whether you have specific medical needs or want to ensure your family is covered for the future, our team can help.

Learn more about Unified Health Plan benefits by calling (800) 259-8330