Health Plan Solutions for Brokers and Consultants

Our complicated healthcare system makes it hard to deliver innovative solutions to your clients that need them the most. You and your clients should have the resources and the best management service available.

Unified Health Plan helps you and your clients by pairing them with the right health care providers and services. Let us lower your business costs while optimizing the best benefits, rectifying gaps in healthcare, and providing your clients with better health outcomes.

Let Us Deliver the Best Health Outcomes to Your Clients

Finding the proper healthcare organization, pharmacy, doctor, hospital, etc., is challenging when you don’t have the right tools.

Our main goal at Unified Health Plan is to help our members find a highly qualified and experienced healthcare provider while considerably cutting costs for healthcare employers.

Our Expansive Network

Our Unified Health Plan organization oversees a network of over 20,000 hospitals, pharmacies, and doctors across Kansas. Across the country, this number is 1,000,000.

We proudly work with many organizations, employees, and providers to pair patients with the benefits they need and the support they deserve.

Our Full-scale Benefits

We provide comprehensive management of benefits and support while lowering healthcare employers’ costs.

Comprehensive Medical Care 

Every person enrolled in our program receives comprehensive medical care covering immediate and preventative medical care.

Behavioral Health Coverage

Our behavioral health process supports issues like anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and stress. In addition, we provide our members with the necessary education and help from professional employees to assess and manage their mental health.

Pharmacy Benefits

Your clients must receive the prescriptions they need.

Our expertise management service will help your clients obtain their prescriptions through our tiered co-pay program while helping control your specialty drug costs Specialty drugs can cost employers more than $100,000 or more each year and account for 17% of an employer’s pharmacy spend. We offer programs to eliminate these costs from the health plan and still provide our members with their prescriptions.

Value-based Benefit Designed Program

The cost of health can be high for both a business and patients. At Unified Health Plan, our job is to help lower the overall cost of healthcare by providing resources that create effective solutions. In addition, our members benefit from a zero-dollar co-pay at Centers of Value and primary care. Additionally, members have access to a high value network that offers lower out-of-pocket costs.

24/7 Telehealth Visits

Our support services also include 24/7 telehealth visits for a zero-dollar co-pay.

Why Brokers and Consultants Use Our Program

Brokers and consultants find many advantages in bringing Unified Health Plan to the table with their group benefits clients. We will deliver the best services and education to your clients efficiently and cost-effectively.

Administrative Support When You Need It

Our team can assist from answering your questions to handling claims, reports, and stop-loss. Like how we don’t abandon your clients after open enrollment, we don’t abandon your business or management team when you need help.

Easy Navigation and Accessibility

Your clients can easily navigate our platform to track their health, explore their benefits, find a doctor in their network, add new medical details to their profile, etc. This easy navigation and accessibility will eliminate work for your management team while reducing overall cost.

Detailed Analysis and Strategy Adjustments

Gain detailed reports covering employee and client engagement, paid revenues versus cost, health outcomes, and more. Adjust your workplace environment solutions or healthcare services based on carefully tracked data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between a Broker and a Consultant?

While people sometimes use the terms brokers and consultants interchangeably, a few noticeable differences exist between the two. Most importantly, insurance brokers re-evaluate group health benefit solutions yearly while a consultant does so while also helping you improve your business management tools and strategies.

Let Unified Health Plan Help Today!

Navigating our healthcare system is complicated for businesses and patients alike. Fortunately, Unified Health Plan can help by pairing your clients with the best solutions while lowering your business expenses. Call (800) 259-8330 to get started!